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BrightGene Pharma wins government support to accelerate innovation R & D

On July 17, 2017, Borui Pharmaceutical was selected as the 11th batch of Suzhou's 2017 scientific and technological development plan (comprehensive improvement of technological innovation capabilities of science and technology enterprises) to accelerate the development of Borui Pharmaceutical's innovation.

Borui Pharmaceutical passed the official KFDA certification of South Korea

Recently, Borui Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. added another good news. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Xintai Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. passed the on-site assessment by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and obtained KFDA official certification. Entered the Korean market. This is another milestone for Borui Pharmaceutical to explore the international market.

Enhance soft power and develop hard truth

Recently, Borui Bio was selected as the 2017 Intellectual Property Ascending Action Plan Project of Suzhou City. Following the approval of the 2017 Provincial Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Plan Project; after passing the annual supervision and review of the intellectual property management system, this successful selection into the city's intellectual property ascent action plan project is an important sign of the continuous enhancement of Borui Bio's independent innovation capability It is also the result of the continuous implementation of Borui Bio's intellectual property strategy.

Borui Pharmaceutical successfully participated in CPhI Europe 2017, accelerating globalization

At this exhibition, more Chinese faces appeared than in previous years. The number of domestic participating companies also refreshed the meeting records, and the Chinese army is getting stronger and stronger. "Strengthening the independent brand exhibition and promoting the dream of a strong country in manufacturing" is the direction advocated by the country in recent years. At the same time, international attention has also focused on China. To show the strong "Made in China" to the world, domestic pharmaceutical companies also need to work together to promote Chinese brands to the world.

Innovation, accumulated accumulation, patents, mastering the future-Borui Medicine won the China Patent Award

Recently, the 19th China Patent Awards hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China announced that Borui Medicine's "Synthesis Method of Antiviral Nucleoside Analogs" stood out from the national excellent candidates and won the "China Patent Excellence Award" ( (Patent No .: ZL200610088464.8), which is the highest government award set by the country for inventions and creations, and represents China's highest honor for scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property.

Borui Medicine passed the FDA inspection

On December 8, 2017, Borui Biomedical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. passed the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) on-site inspection with "zero defects".

Borui Pharmaceutical successfully participated in the 2018 CPhI Shanghai Exhibition

At 4 pm on June 22, 2018, CPhI China 2018 ended successfully! The CPhI exhibition attracted more than 15,000 overseas professional visitors from more than 120 international and regional visits. The three-day exhibition, full time schedule, meetings with old customers, and visits from new customers, not only brought new business opportunities, but also the long-lasting friendship of new and old friends.

Interview with Suzhou TV Station | "Ascent to the Peak" Initial Results Achieved by Intellectual Property Rights

Last year, our city launched the implementation of the intellectual property ascent action plan, focusing on cultivating a group of enterprises with core competitiveness and the industry peak. A few days ago, the Municipal Intellectual Property Office completed the mid-term inspection of the first 10 enterprises. Through the implementation of the "Dengfeng Action Plan", the innovation quality and economic benefits of enterprises have been significantly improved.

Product is king, quality escort

In mid-October 2018, the official inspection team of the European Union conducted cGMP on-site inspections at two production sites of Xintai Pharmaceutical and Boruitaixing, which are wholly-owned by Borui Pharmaceutical.

International Registration, Double Happiness

Recently, Borui Pharmaceuticals has double-happiness in the international registration: Yixi has submitted Entecavir CEP to the European Union, paving the way for the product to enter the European market; Erxi has submitted Entecavir tablets to the US FDA ANDA registration application, this is also the first ANDA application in the history of Borui Medicine.
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