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Excellent staff

Dr. Yuan Jiandong

The company's chairman, general manager, and national “Thousand Talents Plan” expert

He has led the research and development of a number of innovative drugs and high-end generic drug synthesis patent technologies, and is one of the inventors of many patent technologies used in the company's production and operation.

Excellent staff

Wang Zhengye

Company Director, Deputy General Manager, Secretary of the Board

He is in charge of the company's sales management and has a bachelor's degree. He has 22 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and corporate management.

Excellent staff

Li Kai

Director and Deputy General Manager

He is in charge of the company's production management and has a bachelor's degree. He has 20 years of production management experience in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Excellent staff

Huang Yangqing

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, employee representative supervisor, R & D director

Responsible for the synthesis of innovative drug projects, a master's degree, and has more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has been the company's R & D director since 2009.

Excellent staff

Zou Yuanlai

financial director

He is in charge of the company's financial management. He has a bachelor's degree and has 21 years of corporate financial management experience.

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