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Borui Medicine Overview

BrightGene (stock abbreviation: Borui Pharmaceutical; stock code: 688166) is a research and development-driven high-tech pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development and production of original new drugs and high-end generic drugs. Product development capabilities and commercialization capabilities to provide patients with products of exceptional value.


Borui Medicine
  Borui Medicine takes "continuous innovation, protects health" as its goal, and finds solutions for unmet clinical needs. After years of continuous R & D and exploration, Borui Medicine has made breakthroughs in the field of tumor targeted therapy and immunotherapy, as well as fatty liver and diabetes treatment. Many original innovative drugs have entered or are about to enter clinical research. Borui Pharmaceutical has successfully developed high-end generic drugs such as eribulin, trabectedin, fondaparinux sodium, etc., which has penetrated the entire industrial chain from "starting materials → difficult intermediates → characteristic APIs → preparations". The company's independent research and development and production of a number of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs have been registered in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other major international regulatory market countries and China, and have been cited by customers, in anti-tumor, super antibiotics, intravenous supplements Product lines with global competitive advantages have been established in iron and other fields.
  Borui Pharmaceuticals has developed rapidly based on its strong R & D capabilities, relying on global registration capabilities and commercialization capabilities, as well as the cGMP production quality system in line with international standards, and has achieved rapid development, becoming a leading company and international pioneer in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
  Borui Pharmaceutical's GMP production quality system has passed the official certification of the United States FDA, the European Union Drug Regulatory Authority, Japan PMDA, South Korea MFDS and other countries and regions, as well as the new domestic GMP certification, with internationally high standards for drug quality management standards and strict medicines The production quality management system guarantees the quality of medicines. The company's products have been sold in many countries and regions around the world, and its main products occupy a large market share. We look forward to more cooperation with industry partners to achieve a win-win situation for the benefit of patients worldwide.
  Borui Medicine adheres to the "people-oriented" principle, provides a broad space for development of various talents, provides patients with excellent quality, accurate curative effects, safe and reliable cost-effective drugs, and creates a warm and healthy social living environment. Borui Pharmaceutical strives to build a more internationally competitive high-tech pharmaceutical company integrating R & D, production, technical services and sales.

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Borui Medicine


Building C25-28, 218 Xinghu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China

Borui Medicine




Borui Medicine


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